Our January Snowfall
English Cream Dachshund breeder
of distinction... Belle Amore Dachshunds
Belle Amore Dachshunds
Having ten children and
twenty grandchildren plus
an assortment of sons and  
daughters-in-law, our
house is always a hub  of
activity. English creams are
very adaptable. Ours join in
with our daily activities, and
think of themselves as one
of the kids. To us, they are
like our children, too.
Our grandchildren never tire of
playing with our dogs and the
dogs enjoy all of their attention.
Needless to say, our dogs are
completely acclimated to
interacting with children.
Because of their sweet devotion
to family English creams,
become much loved members
of their family. Ours know they
are dearly loved by everyone
in the family.
Each of our dogs have their
own unique personality, but
they all share the common
characteristic of being major
cuddle bugs. English creams
are very affectionate and their
most favorite thing to do is to be
by your side no matter where
you are or what you are doing.
Our sweet babies never tire of
cuddling and they delight in
endless tummy rubs.
Belle Amore Dachshunds is a breeder of distinction dedicated to breeding from AKC champion lines. Our
commitment to this assures puppies bred by us meet high standards in regards to health and temperament ~ the
magic ingredient for making happy, healthy, well-balanced English cream dachshund puppies. And they are
beautiful too!
We love to take our dogs with
us whenever possible, and
they love it when they hear
the words "let's go!" Because
of their gentle nature, English
creams have a very laid-back,
easy-going attitude in almost
any environment. Our dogs
are not intimidated by
strangers and are very well
behaved wherever our
adventures take us. Some
serve as pet therapy dogs.
Being an AKC champion is always a challenge because judges are seriously looking
for the near perfect dachshund. The characteristic they always place the most
important standard on is the bone structure of a dachshund. They also value the
personality and apparent health of the dachshund. In order for a dachshund to win
his championship he must excel in all three of these standards. Our sweet Beau
won his championship and a dachshund specialty in Louisville, Kentucky in 2013.
Our dogs are very important in
our lives; we love them dearly.
To our surprise we learned
how much they love each
other. English creams, like all
dogs want to be part of a pack.
Dogs consider their human
family as their pack which
includes their people, as well
as other dog family members.
We will always be the most
important people to our dogs,
but after that is each other.
We started a family fun
tradition with the birth of our
first litter of puppies, we go
through the ritual of naming
each little baby. We let the
kids in the family name the
puppies. It is quite touching
how they labor over the
perfect name for each puppy.
We end up with a very
interesting kaleidoscope of
names, like Midnight for a
blond puppy.
We think all of our dogs are
special and can't really find any
faults with their beauty and
charming disposition, to us they
are the perfect dog. English
creams are known for their
ability to steal your heart, once
you bring one into your life you
will be amazed by the bond you
will share with each other. We
are truly in love with our
precious babies and know it is
a privilege to share our
life together.
Happy St. Patrick Day 2017
Happy Halloween 2017
Tiabella was the cutest little
witch ever, but she also
enjoyed barking every time
the door bell rang. By the
time we turned our lights off
she was totally exhausted
from being on lookout for
ghosts and goblins.   
Isabella, Tiabella, Kyabella, Ridge, Chanty