English Cream Dachshund puppies
are our specialty... Belle Amore Dachshunds
Belle Amore Dachshunds provides a simple application for prospective pet parents. It is not meant to intimidate you, but rather a way for us to know
you better before we place a puppy into your family. We treasure our puppies and want to be certain they are going to homes where pet parents are
genuinely committed to sharing their life with a puppy. It is important pet parents consider how they plan to provide a loving environment for their
puppy. It is equally important for pet parents to explore how they will fulfill the responsibilities involved in nurturing a puppy. When you are ready to
make a commitment to a puppy Belle Amore looks forward to receiving your Pet Parent Application.
We do not maintain a waiting list for puppies, however, we do offer a Waiting Pet Parent Application. By signing a WPPA you assure a puppy for
yourself rather than depending on a hit and miss probability of locating a puppy. The
WPPA is a short and simple document and provides us with a
description of the puppy you want to bring into your family. You can send it in with your
Pet Parent Application and a non-refundable $100 deposit.
Your deposit will be applied to the purchase fee for your puppy.
Belle Amore has two different types of contracts regarding the purchase of a puppy, a full registration and a limited registration. One of these
contracts must be signed by a pet parent before the placement of a puppy into a family. The type of contract issued will be determined by Belle
Amore Dachshunds.

Full Registration is for puppies that a pet parent wants to enter in an AKC dog show conformation events. If this type of contract is used for the
purchase of a puppy it means the pet parent has no further obligation to Belle Amore Dachshunds and is at liberty to enter any show at any time.
The purpose of AKC conformation events is to promote the best of the breed by selective breeding. Any dog participating in an AKC conformation
competition can not be surgically altered and must maintain full capacity to reproduce offspring. The issuance of a full registration does not insure or
guarantee how a dog will perform in any competition.

Limited Registration with a Spay/Neuter Contract is for puppies that will not pursue AKC conformation competitions. The pet parent will have to
sign and abide by the spay/neuter contract that is signed at the time of acceptance of a puppy. When Belle Amore Dachshunds receives written
proof from a veterinarian that a spay/neuter surgery has been completed we will send the pet parent a limited AKC registration for their dog.

Why the spay/neuter contract? Dog fanciers are passionate about their breed and they want to be certain their breed is protected from
irresponsible breeding. AKC conformation events are always in pursuit of the perfect dog and selective breeding is a result of these competitions. Of
course, the reality is there is not a perfect breed, and I know it is hard to believe, but there is no perfect dachshund. But, purely out of love for their
breed, the pursuit for perfection will continue without ceasing by the true dog fancier. No less important is the proliferation of unplanned puppies that
hit our animal shelters everyday. It would truly be regrettable if Belle Amore Dachshunds contributed to this population crisis. Let’s do our part for a
better world where all puppies enter the world as much loved and wanted babies. Please be responsible ~ spay/neuter your dog! Belle Amore
Dachshunds makes a donation to our local animal shelter on behalf of every puppy that goes home to its new family.
Belle Amore Dachshunds
Our sweet nursery mates share a special cuddle time.
English cream miniature dachshunds are usually born with a dark and lighten to different shades of blond as they get older.
The puppies adventure at Milliken Park.
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