WE'RE ALL HERE, even six day old Ace!!!
Hannah, Fernando, Andrew, Ty, Bob, Matt, David, Jocie, Crey, Missy, Kristen, Anna, Josh, Taylor, Ari,
Peggy, Rini, Abby, Lindley, Cerys, Chapin, Alex, Amanda, Ace, Cici, Zani, Laura, David, Elias, Toli, Adam,
Brice, AnnaMilan, Sami
Belle Amore Dachshunds is a family affair~
we are in love with English Cream Dachshunds!
We have an amazing family that I just love to share with everyone I meet, 10 kids and 20 grandchildren in all. Our  
family has roots in international adoption, making us a multicultural family, always giving us something to celebrate.
Honestly, though, we are like any other American family, we just happen to be in love with English cream
dachshunds. I know once you have your own little doxie you will know why we love them so much.
We went for an evening
stroll at Morgan Square
located in the quaint
downtown area of our city.
Rini & Maribelle enjoyed
the walk and a sweet kiss.
It was a very hot evening ~
101 degrees!
Thanksgiving Eve we
all went ice skating
On the Square. The
weather was perfect
for a family skating
party. It was in the
60's, so it was warm
enough we only
needed jackets, but
cold enough for the
rink to stay frozen.
Beau sees the ice for
the first time.
We had a great
Thanksgiving and enjoyed
the time we spent together.
Of course we all ate too
much, way too much, but
we always do... Even the
dogs were able to sneak in
some extra Thanksgiving
great so we enjoyed a
family soccer game at
McMillen Park. Not sure
who won, but we all had
some family friendly
Ty, Anna and Kyabella
getting ready for the feast.
Lindley and Beau take to the ice.
Beau hits the ice for the first time with Alex.
David and Cici enjoyed a "hot" run at
Mulberry Park with Ridge, Beau & Kyabella.
The Christmas holidays are a very special time
for our family. We start celebrating on for our
family. We start celebrating on Christmas Eve
and continue all the way through to New Year's
Day. We went hiking at Camp Croft State Park,
took a trip to Myrtle Beach, had a wonderful
New Year's Eve firework display, and won the
Outback Bowl. Our hike was especially fun. The
weather was great: not too hot, not too cold.
We finished just in time ~ it was dark!
Cerys gives Beau a sweet
New Year's Day hug.
Matt "flying" Ridge over to the gang.
Our cheerleaders ~
Laura, Cici and Kyabella.
Brice and Barley enjoying our
only snowfall in 2013.
Jocie and Sami
Tinkerbelle and Kyabella
Zani, Rini & Peggy first zip lining course at Harpeth River State Park, Tennessee
We spent several wonderful days in the city of St. Augustine, Florida. Rini and Zani had fun
experimenting with colonial life. Annabelle and Isabella joined us for their first family trip.
Bob, Zani, Ari & Rini enjoying one of our favorite spots, Dry Tortuga Island, Florida.
We are closer to Cuba than we are to the United States.
Key West, Florida is the most southern place in the United Sates.
We spent two days in Islamadora Island swimming with the dolphins and seals.
We spent the day touring the Grand Canyon. Rini & Zani even brought their new Build-a-Bears along.
We went on a day cruise on Lake Mead and toured Hoover Dam.
Kristen, Alex, Sami, Rini, & David at Hilton Head Island.  
We have a family tradition of renting a house at the beach every summer, it is a special time we all cherish.
Maribelle was the first puppy born out of our first litter.
It was such a surprise for us she was actually born in
our bed ~ what a way to wake-up! She is a real
treasure, with the most loving nature and an amazing
cuddler. She always brightens our day.
Brice and Barley
One of our most favorite gathering places is the Davidson River in the Pisgah National Forest.
Elias, Zani, AnnaMilan, Jocie, Alex, Toli, Bob, Rini, Adam, Cici, Brice know it is really all about
the climb and then the plunge.
We did it all, Smithsonians, National Zoo, Monuments,& a play at the Kennedy Center
We enjoyed Tampa, Florida and had a great time at Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium.
Zani and Kyabella enjoying a break
after a walk in Sue Simpson Garden.
No matter how many times you go to Sea World it is always spectacular!
Disney World is always a happy place and great famiy fun.
Ty, Anna & Kyabella
relaxed and with full tummy's
Laura, Cici & Kyabella ~
our favorite cheerleadeers.
Brice and Barley.
Our only snowfall this year.
We always love spending family time together at the pool; cookouts, popsicles and water games.
Hannah took 8th place in the Georgia all state cross country meet.
Even Tinkerbelle came to the meet to cheer Hannah on to such an amazing victory.
We had a great, but hot, time in San Antonio, Texas. The Alamo was very impressive
and the food and local culture was amazing.
Dallas, Texas was great a great place to visit. We enjoyed it all, from the Mesquite Rodeo to the
Kennedy 6th Floor Museum and "Oval Office" at the Bush Library, on to the aquarium and zoo, and the
Perot Museum and a Rangers game. Rini is always the most gracious model.
Belle Amore Dachshunds
Chapin graduated in August 2014
Parker University, Dallas, Texas
Doctorate in Chiropractic
BS Health and Wellness
BS Anatomy
BS Biology, University of South Carolina
WOW, we are proud beyond explanation!!!
Rini,Cici and David just hanging out with the puppies.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with too much food (including the dogs) but many fun times. We made
several trips to Mulberry Park to enjoy a pleasant walk. Hannah ran the whole three miles of course, while
the rest of us walked six tenth of a mile; and we all finished about the same time??? Tinkerbelle and her
puppies; Chip, Marley, Patch and Webbie, went on their first outing and strolled happily through the park.
Tiabella is our new  
English cream baby.
She joined our family
on December 20,
2014. Her first family
adventure was to
travel to St. Louis.
Although cold, she was
quite cozy cuddled up
in a  blanket in her
stroller. She road the
tram to the top of the
Gateway Arch; maybe
the first doxie to reach
these heights.
Christmas is always fun with several
days of celebration that bring laughter
and hugs for everyone. Santa brought
gifts to all of our good boys and girls;
those with two feet, and those with four.
During the holidays Tiabella was
completely indoctrinated with what
"chaos" really means in our family and
she survived all of the extra attention
from so many different  arms  and sweet
voices ~ I don't think her feet touched the
floor. Almost everyone is in this photo
and this is Tiabella's first family photo. If
you can't find her look at the orange shirt
Sami is wearing. I really don't know how
she got by wearing that orange shirt as
that is not permitted in our family, its
almost illegal (lol) ~ go GAMECOCKS!!!
We spent ten days in Florida and started off by
spending the night in Tampa. The next moring we
visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where we
met movie stars, Winter and Hope, from Dolphin
Tales. We acutually saw Winter swim without her
prosthesis and with it, she was amazing.  We were
even able to try on one of Winter's old, very heavy
prosthesis. We rented a house and every day we
played in the ocean at Bonita Springs or Sanibel
Island. While playing in the ocean we were visited
by four manatees, one accidently touched Jocie
and then he sped off with his family. Pool time is
always a favorite passtime, even Kyabella joined in
on the fun and was a good swimmer. We spent our
last night at beautiful Amelia Island.
Rini and Maribelle