Travel Lite Stroller
light weight stroller holds up to 15 pounds
Ultra Lite Stroller                                                                            Happy Trails Stroller                                                                         Sportster Stroller
holds up to 20 pounds                                                             roomy enough for two mini dachshunds                                              heavy duty stroller holds up tp 45 pounds
$89                                                                                                         $110                                                                                                       $132    
Messenger Bag Carrier & Car Seat
holds up to 10 pounds of precious doxie
World Traveler with Wheels
holds up to 12 pounds of mini dachshund
Belle and Beau's is the perfect place to find just the right products for your miniature dachshund. Our
products will make your doxie feel safe, comfortable and loved. We also have gear that will enable your
dachshund to be with you more frequently when you are away from home, providing you with easy
mobility and more accessibility.
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