What is pet therapy?
Pet therapy is a progressive program offering support to hospital patients, people living in residential care, and children challenged with
special needs. The therapeutic benefits a person receives from pet therapy have been medically established in numerous studies; even
the American Heart Association supports the positive findings in this research. It is well documented that recipients of pet therapy
experience a reduction in stress, lowered blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and a renewed since of purpose, all of which lead to
enhanced healing and elevated self-esteem.
How does pet therapy work?
Dogs make perfect therapists because they are non-judgmental and offer unconditional affection to everyone they meet. The most
significant element of pet therapy is the feeling of nurturing and being nurtured, it makes people feel needed, worthwhile and special. In
essence, when a person nurtures, his own need to be nurtured is being fulfilled. Touch plays a critically important role in nurturing so
holding, petting and brushing a dog’s coat is encouraged. The adage that laughter is the best medicine is certainly applicable to pet
therapy sessions as most people find their interactions with these furry therapists amusing and uplifting. Pet therapy works because it
provides a non-threatening environment that nurtures a sense of companionship.
Who benefits from pet therapy?
Pet therapy brings so much comfort to seniors who often times feel lonely and isolated from the normal hubbub of daily life resulting in
depression and feelings of alienation. For people receiving painful or invasive medical treatment the gentle, soft touch of a dog is a
welcome relief in comparison to many of the other physical contacts they are experiencing. Abused and autistic children are especially
responsive to pet therapy because kids love animals and they feel safe sharing their environment with a cute, friendly dog. Many
professionals have reported the people in their care are easier to talk with following a pet therapy session and it brings more laughter
and meaningful socialization than any other therapy program they are involved with. The value of pet therapy is so respected it played a
vital role in assisting victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
Pet therapy makes the world a better place!
English Cream Dachshund pet therapy
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I Saw An Angel Today
by Lori Leger
I saw an angel today, oh what a vision to see
This beautiful angel sent only to me.
My eyes filled with tears at this glorious sight
This angel so lovely made my heart feel so light.

I held an angel today, in my hands it did rest
Surely it had to be one of God's best.
So soft, so tender, so fragile it seemed
To hold such an angel was more than I dreamed.

I kissed an angel today, I just couldn't resist
As I looked at this sweetie I felt so much bliss.
My heart poured over with a feeling of love
For this sweet little creature sent from Heaven above.